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Powered by Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) consensus with real time transaction validation & operated using mesh network of artificial systems.

Real Time Transaction Speed

3rd Generation blockchain with low fees transaction, real time transaction validation and power of AI which makes it superior to any of the existing blockchain.

Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI)

PoAI (Proof of Artificial Intelligence) to ensure the decentralization, fast and safety of a blockchain system. Artificial intelligence based on machine learning will become perfect as it is used and will surpass all the currently used consensuses.

Artificial Intelligence

A smart machine is a device embedded with machine-to-machine (M2M) and/or cognitive computing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or deep learning, all of which it uses to reason, problem-solve, make decisions and even, ultimately, take action. Neutrinos is a blockchain of smart machines.

AI Security

With the implementation of AI, Blockchain technology becomes safer by making secure future application deployments. AI algorithms that are increasingly making decisions about whether financial transactions are fraudulent and should be blocked or investigated is a good example of it.

AI Real Time Speed

With the AI algorithm Neutrinos blockchain is capable to validate transaction in real time and work efficiently to handle more than 3,000,000 transactions per second (TPS).

AI Finance

Ability of AI algorithm, low gas fees & real time transaction validation help implement blockchain in high throughputs finance applications. You can build a real time stock market on Neutrinos blockchain.

Low Transaction Fees

Neutrinos blockchain is the only blockchain which provides real time transaction validation with minimal transaction fees. Where other blockchain cost transaction fees to write data on Neutrinos blockchain is free to use for building real time DeFi.

Apps Integration

Rich AI abilities with provable oraclize solution and Neutrinos API allows developer to integrate analytics, reporting, communication, processing types of applications which includes PowerBi, Grafana, GraphAPI, ChatGPT and many more.

Token Distribution


Symbol: NEUTR

Token Smart Contract(BSC): 0x1b0805F1B20d3B147D515e9b9D3C9C689b390870

Total Supply: 300,000,000

  • Presale – 40%
  • PanCakeSwap LP (Locked for 2 Years) – 30%
  • Team (Locked for 1 year) – 20%
  • CEX Listing Liquidity – 5%
  • Airdrop, Bounty & Hackathon – 5%

Our Products

Below are the primary products we are planning to launch on Neutrinos blockchain. Eventually we will add more DeFi and AI applications to Neutrinos ecosystem.

Neutrinos Blockchain

Neutrinos is AI enabled, real time transaction validation and low transaction fees blockchain for financial industries. By using Neutrinos blockchain, you can give the maximum level of transparency since you can use the block chain to verify balances and transactions.


Our blockscan will enable and express the real time analytics of our blockchain in a Visual and expressive format


Trade your crypto on a non custodial Exchange. No manual interference, assets and crypto are only in your control

Staking, Yield Farming & Other DApps

All basic applications including staking, yield farming, bridge and many more which required to build blockchain ecosystem will be deployed on Neutrinos by team. Partnership with existing DApps for inetegration of Neutrinos blockchain in famous DApps will bring more attention of communities.

Some Of Our
Awesome Partners

We take pride in collaborating with our partners who help us provide the best services to our community / users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neutrinos Blockchain, Token Sale, Airdrop

Neutrinos blockchain is third generation blockchain which works on Proof of Artificial Intelligent(PoAI) algorithm. Neutrinos capabilities to validate transactions in real time, low transaction fees and ability to host any dapps on it makes it truely 3rd generation blockchain.

Neutrinos blockchain supports number of validators including super validators and dynamic validators. Super validators are those which will be always online and dynamic validators are those which can be hosted on portable device but may be always online or may come online for some duration.

Not yet. Neutrinos MainNet is planned to go live soon

Neutrinos blockchain and PoAI algorithm written by us is not free to use. Any project or enterprise want to launch private chain using Neutrinos blockchain code can go with enterprise version. Project needs minimum 10% of Neutrinos coins to get enterpise license.

Yes, Neutrinos blockchain support smart contract using solidity programming language.

Neutrinos blockchain tokensale is fairlaunch and token price is decided based on how many amount investors invest in fairlaunch.

Neutrinos blockchain tokensale is KYCed, Audited and SAFU fairlaunch. You can invest without any doubt.

You will be able to purchase Neutrinos tokens from PancakeSwap after presale